Dell AC511 USB Stereo Soundbar for E-model, P-model and Ultra Sharp [Energy Class A++]

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Dell AC511 USB Stereo Soundbar for E-model, P-model and Ultra Sharp [Energy Class A++]

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Dell AC511 Sound Bar – Black (520-11497)

Low-profile design
Until you hear it, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. The Dell USB Soundbar can give you the sound you want without big speakers and long cables. Compatible with the latest Dell monitors (E-Model, P-Model and UltraSharp Monitors introduced since 13 June 2013), it’s quickly installed and hardly noticeable ? at least to the eye.

Rich stereo sound
The sound belies its size. Your music comes through crisp and clear. Games and movies are a whole new experience. For private listening, the Dell USB Soundbar also includes a convenient headphone jack.

USB powered
The Dell USB Soundbar is simplicity itself. No extra software. No power cord. No batteries. Just plug into an available USB port and enjoy the rich stereo sound.

1-year warranty
Purchase with confidence and rely on the protection of our 1-Year Warranty.

The Dell™ AC511 Stereo USB Soundbar offers users a low profile, stylish sound solution that matches the styling of various Dell monitors with convenient USB power.
Also the headphone jack that allows users to enjoy audio from their favorite games, music and movies, without sacrificing valuable desk space.
Moreover, the USB-powered device makes it easy to use your speaker through your USB port, eliminating the need for batteries or a power cord.
You can simply plug in the speaker to an open USB port in your computer and get started using the drive without the need to install any software.
It provides high performance quality sound so you′ll be able to enjoy your speakers as soon as you plug it in and start using it.

This product is compatible with the following systems:

  • OptiPlex 990 DT
  • OptiPlex 790 DT
  • OptiPlex 390 DT
  • Vostro 260s
  • Vostro 260
  • Precision Workstation T1650
  • Precision Workstation T3600
  • Precision Workstation T5600
  • Precision Workstation T7600
  • OptiPlex 7010 DT
  • Precision Workstation R7610
  • Latitude E6540
  • Precision Workstation T1700
  • XPS 12 MLK
  • Precision Workstation T3610
  • Latitude E6440
  • OptiPlex 3020
  • OptiPlex 3020 SFF
  • Latitude 3340
  • Latitude Rugged Extreme 7404
  • OptiPlex 7020 MT
  • OptiPlex 7020 SFF
  • OptiPlex 7020 DT
  • Optiplex 3020 Micro
  • Precision Workstation T5810 XL
  • Latitude E5250
  • Latitude E5450
  • Latitude E5550
  • Latitude 14 Rugged 5404
  • Latitude 7350
  • Alienware Area – 51 R2
  • Venue 11 Pro (7140)
  • OptiPlex 3020 MT
  • OptiPlex 790 MT
  • Latitude 3450
  • Latitude E7250
  • Latitude E7450
  • Chromebook 3120
  • Optiplex 9020 MT
  • Optiplex 9020 SFF
  • OptiPlex 790 SFF
  • OptiPlex 990
  • *Soundbar mounts to specified external monitor(sold separately)
  • Precision Workstation T3620
  • OptiPlex 9020 Micro
  • Latitude 7275
  • Latitude 3379
  • Latitude 5280
  • Latitude 5580
  • Latitude 7280
  • E1916H
  • E2016H
  • E2216H
  • E2316H
  • P1917S
  • E2417H
  • P2016
  • P2017H
  • P2214H
  • P2217
  • P2217H
  • P2317H
  • P2415Q
  • P2416D
  • P2417H
  • P2715Q
  • P2717H
  • U2415
  • U2417HJ
  • U2515H
  • U2917W
  • UP2516D
  • UP2716D
  • UP3017
  • UP3216Q

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